Tim Pelton's Castle Key System & Family Legacy Tool
Get Organized and Leave a Legacy with Tim Pelton's USB Castle Key - designed to help you securely organize and centralize your most important key data, docs, and info... 
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Key Legacy Questions
1. What is the BIGGEST MISTAKE families make over and over again, according  to a former FIreman of 25+ years?
(Play 1-min video below to hear the answer!)
2. What THREE CYBER-SECURITY FEATURES should you look to have for your most sensitive key data and personal information?
3. What is YOUR  LEGACY I.Q.?
(Ignorance is NOT BLISS when it comes to this ;)
Features & Benefits
  • Family Legacy Tool & Gift: A simple, but strategically powerful way to give your loved ones key data, information, and final wishes that will help to protect your family and preserve your legacy. 
  •  Data Organizer: Your USB is preloaded with categories suggesting all the important information you need to capture and help you organize your key data, documents, and information. 
  •  Data Centralizer: One of the powerful benefits of The Castle Key is the centralizing of your key data, documents, and important information into one easily accessible location.
  •  Increase Your Legacy I.Q.: Increase Your "Legacy I.Q." and empower yourself with key knowledge and information that will better equip you to build and leave a lasting and legendary legacy!
  •  Offline Data Storage Protection! Keeping your key personal data on your Castle Key USB assures you a safe offline storage method that gives you complete control and an added level of security and protection for your information.
  •  Data Security Software: With data security software preloaded into your Castle Key USB, you will be able to store personal and sensitive data such as bank account numbers, passwords, etc. with the peace of mind that your data is safe.
  •  Password Protection: Your 8-16 character password protects all your files and folders.
  •  Data Encryption: Immediate data encryption provides another level of added data security for your Castle Key regardless of what computer you are using.
  •  USB Storage Device: With nearly 2 gigs of memory, you'll have plenty of room to store additional scanned documents or personal papers on your Castle Key.
  •  Save Time! Imagine the hours, days, and weeks of time that will be saved by your loved ones by providing them all your information in one easily accessible location.
  •  Reduce Stress! You will eliminate all the unnecessary added stress and turmoil that comes from the disorganization of your documents and by not knowing where key information is located.
  •  Clarify Legacy Wishes! There is plenty of space if you want to create and save a unique video of your special thoughts or final wishes.
  • Data entry is easy.
  •  Completing updates and making changes is easy.
  •  There is a lot of room on the USB if you want scan and save unique or lengthy documents.
  •  Storing your USB offline gives you complete control and complete security of your information.
Surely, you could have done all this long ago by yourself…but why didn’t you? Because you did not have the coach and mentor that comes with the Castle Key system. Every journey begins with the first step, let’s get started.
If you are interested once you sign up for your Castle Key USB, the Castle Key system has access to an enormous educational system regarding many aspects of financial planning, annuities, life insurance and pension plans. To eliminate the confusion of trying to decide the best plan for you and your family, we can help you. If interested please send an email to [email protected].

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